Mary Poppins Character Breakdown

MARY POPPINS – Jane and Michael’s new nanny who is a force to be reckoned with possessing a dazzling personality. Full of hope even when things look dire, she professes “anything can happen if you let it.” Practically perfect in every way. Mezzo-soprano with a strong top – mid 20’s – must move very well.

BERT – A one man band, sidewalk artist, chimney sweep and kite salesman and friend to Mary Poppins. Charming and Charismatic – baritone to G – mid 30’s – an excellent dancer including tap. Cockney accent.

GEORGE BANKS – Head of the Banks household, a bank manager who tries to be a good provider, but often forgets how to be a good husband and father. Baritone – Early 40’s

WINIFRED BANKS – A former actress who is very busy trying to live up to her husband’s expectations. She is a loving but distracted mother to Jane and Michael. Mezzo-soprano – mid 30’s

MICHAEL BANKS – Cute and cheeky, excitable and sometimes naughty. He adores his father and tries to be like him. Maximum height: 56” – 9 years old

JANE BANKS – Pretty and attractive, exuberant, but willful and occasionally inclined to snobbishness. Maximum height 60” – 11 years old.

MRS. BRILL – The Banks’ family cook who rules the kitchen and Robertson Ay with an iron hand. Alto – mid 50’s

ROBERTSON AY – Clumsy but good-hearted footman of the Banks household, he has problems following directions and is a knock-about comic character. Tenor – early 20’s.

MISS ANDREW – George Banks’ old nanny called in to take Mary Poppins’ place. She is cruel and demanding to the entire Banks family. Things must be done her way-or else! Soprano with Alto belt – 40’-50’s

MRS. CORRY – Mysterious and very old, she runs the “Talking Shop” where people buy conversations and gingerbread. She knew George Banks when he was a boy. Soprano – 50’s and up.

NELEUS – A statue in the park who has lost his father. Tenor – 20’s – an excellent dancer

THE BIRD WOMAN – Sits in front of St. Paul’s cathedral every day selling bags of crumbs for her beloved pigeons. Alto – 50’s Sings “Feed the Birds.”

THE PARK KEEPER – A stickler for rules and regulations, he watches over the park. Tenor – 30’s-40’s

ADMIRAL BOOM – The Banks’ family friendly neighbor on Cherry Tree Lane – baritone – 50’s

Miss LARK – Another of the Banks’ neighbors. A bit snobby and treats her dog, Willoughby, as a child. Mezzo-Soprano – 30’s-40’s

KATIE NANNA – The last of a long line of nannies for the Banks’ children who leaves #17 Cherry Tree Lane being fed up with Jane and Michael’s pranks. – 40’-50’s

ENSEMBLE – A large group of men and women who must sing and dance very well. Many small character parts and dancing solos.