Hairspray Cast

Tracy Turnblad – A “pleasantly plump teenager who dreams of fame and fights to racially integrate the local TV teen dance show. Outgoing, unstoppable, goodhearted with a vibrant, lovable, spirited personality. Loves to dance. Females of all shapes and sizes will be considered for this role. Belt Mezzo. Vocal Range; G below middle C to E above C.

Edna Turnblad – Tracy’s kind, plus-sized mother – a drag role. Edna runs a laundry business out of her home. A working class, devoted, loving housewife with dreams of her own. Sincere, not campy. Tenor. Vocal Range: F below middle C to E above C.

Amber Von Tussle – Bratty, selfish resident princess of The Corny Collins Show, despite her lack of talent. She is willing to do anything to win the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant. Belt. Vocal Range: middle C to F above C.

Velma Von Tussle – A former beauty queen, Amber’s scheming mother and producer of The Corny Collins Show, who pushes her daughter to seek the stardom that she never had. Upscale, attractive, biting, manipulative, prejudiced snob. Belt. Vocal Range: G below middle C to E above C.

Penny Singleton – Tracy’s slightly dorky, devoted, neurotic and perky best friend. Belt. Vocal Range: middle C to G above C.

Link Larkin – A teenage heartthrob and one of The Corny Collins Show Council Members, who falls in love with Tracy. Baritone. Vocal Range: E below middle C to G above middle C.

Motormouth Maybelle – the owner of a downtown record shop and the host of “Negro Day” on The Corny Collins Show, a self described as “big, blonde and beautiful.” She is Seaweed and Little Inez’s mother. Powerful and inspiring singer with an infectious, brassy personality. Alto. Vocal Range: A below middle C to E above C.

Seaweed J. Stubbs – A hip “Negro Day” dancer and the son of of Motormouth Maybelle who falls in love with Penny. His dance lessons help Tracy get chosen for The Corny Collins Show. Cool, attractive, street smart, goodhearted. Tenor.
Vocal range: G below middle C to B above middle C.

Wilbur Turnblad – Tracy’s goofy father, who owns the Har-De-Har Joke Shop and is still madly in love with his wife, Edna. He encourages Tracy to follow her dreams. A working-class inventor with a sweet, childlike personality. Baritone.
Vocal Range: G below C to E above C.

Corny Collins – The handsome, charming, engaging, smooth and cocky host of The Corny Collins Show. No age limitations – just needs to act young enough for teens to think he is “cool.” Tenor. Vocal range; D below middle C to above
middle C.

Little Inez – Seaweed’s younger sister, who tries to audition for The Corny Collins Show, but is turned away because she is black. Spnky, tough, streetwise, outgoing, older than her years. Belt. Vocal Range: Middle C to E above C.

Female Authority Figure – The Matron guarding The Big Dollhouse; the Gym Teacher; and Prudy Singleton, Penny’s overprotective and oftern close-minded mother. Vocal Range: A below middle C to G above middle C.

Male Authority Figure – Mr. Pinky, owner of Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway who gives Tracy and her mother a makeover; the Principal of Patterson Park High School; and Mr. Harriman F. Spritzer, the President of Ultra Clutch Hairspray.

The Ensemble: males and females some of whom who play the following:

The Dynamites – 3 sassy singer/dancers inspired by the Supremes
Vocal Range: G below middle C to A above C.

The Pinkets – 4 women working in Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway
Vocal Range: G below middle C to A above C.

The Corny Collins Dancers and Council Members – IQ, Shelly, Brenda, Sketch, Fender, Tammy, Lou Ann, Brad. Need to sing and dance. Vocal range: Various.

The Ensemble need to play high school students and citizens of Baltimore.