Hairspray (2012)

Tracy Turnblad, a cheerful, overweight high school student living in Baltimore, Maryland steps out of her apartment (“Good Morning Baltimore”) and endures a day’s worth of school before she and best friend Penny Pingleton can watch their favorite television show, The Corny Collins Show, a teen dance show broadcast from local station WYZT (“The Nicest Kids in Town”).

The teenagers featured on the show attend Tracy and Penny’s school, among them the arrogant and wealthy Amber von Tussle and her boyfriend, Link Larkin, the lead male dancer. Amber’s mother, Velma, manages WYZT and makes sure Amber is featured and that The Corny Collins Show remains a racially segregated program. Corny Collins and his Council Members are white; black kids are only allowed on the show on “Negro Day”, held the last Tuesday of each month and hosted by R&B disc jockey Motormouth Maybelle, who owns the local record shop.

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