2011 Auditions

A Chorus Line is about dancers, but dancers who sing!  The music for this show is demanding as is the choreography.

All the characters in A Chorus Line must have strong dance ability in jazz/ballet/tap.  Most characters are in their 20’s,  unless otherwise noted.

List of Characters in A Chorus Line

  • Zach (Non-Singing Role, 30 – 45) – Director of show, ex-lover of Cassie
  • Cassie (Soprano) – Aging but excellent dancer
  • Kristine (Non-Singing) – Married to Al, can’t sing, hysterical
  • Al (Baritone) – Married to Kristine, very protective
  • Shiela (Alto) – Over-confident but beautiful actress
  • Val (Alto – Belt, “perfect” figure) – Sexy with attitude, foul-mouthed, superficial (had plastic surgery to improve looks)
  • Mike (Tenor, Italian) – Victim complex – is often teased
  • Larry (Tenor, 30 – 45) – Zach’s assistant, authoritative
  • Maggie (Mezzo) – Daydreamer
  • Connie (Alto, short, Asian)
  • Diane (Alto, Puerto Rican) – Energetic, humorous, speaks from the heart
  • Richie (Tenor, usually a black man) – High-energy, good-natured, proud
  • Paul (Baritone, Puerto Rican) – Friend of Diane. Quiet, shy, introverted, gay
  • Mark (Tenor) – Optimistic, naive, charming, obsessed with sex
  • Judy (Mezzo, tall) – Nervous, scatterbrained, gawky, hopeful
  • Greg (baritone, handsome) – A typical “pretty boy”
  • Bebe (Alto) – A Jewish modern dancer
  • Bobby (Baritone) – Flamboyant, funny, clever
  • Don (Baritone) – The “all-american” man